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About the Book

Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors documents the experiences of more than 70 Canadian survivors before, during and after the Holocaust. Edited by Belle Jarniewski, Director of the Holocaust Education Centre, and designed by Gustavo Rymberg, the hardcover 432-page book represents the culmination of several years of work, which began more than a decade ago with the Manitoba Holocaust Heritage Project. Although the book has only recently been published – this past April – teachers have already begun implementing it in the classroom when teaching the human rights curriculum.  In fact, the provincial Ministry of Education has distributed one copy to each of the 450 senior years’ schools in the province of Manitoba. It serves as a priceless resource, compiling a variety of experiences of local survivors during the Holocaust in several countries all over eastern and western Europe. These experiences include being hidden by a non-Jewish family, taking on a Christian identity (and even having plastic surgery to disguise a “Semitic” appearance”), being forced from one’s home and sent to live in a ghetto, being deported to a concentration camp in another country, being sent on a Death March, joining a clandestine resistance movement, joining the Polish Second Army and participating in the liberation of Auschwitz, escaping to the extreme east of the Soviet Union in order to avoid capture by the Nazis, Partisan activity, hiding under an abandoned building for several months while badly injured, internment in a gulag, participation in the Kindertransport and eyewitness accounts of einsatzgruppen massacres. All dates, facts, place names, etc. in the book have been carefully verified by the editor for historical accuracy. With the student in mind, footnotes have been placed at the bottom of the corresponding page.  Explanations of Jewish references are also provided. In addition to survivor testimony, the book includes precious photographs and documents which further document lives and families that were destroyed and indeed the flourishing Jewish world itself that was almost completely extinguished in most of these countries.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will go towards our Holocaust education programming and the conservation of our artifacts as well as our audio and video survivor testimony.

Buy “Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors” by Belle Jarniewski

Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors is available for order online below from the Jewish Heritage Centre. You may also obtain a copy by stopping by the Jewish Heritage Centre offices, located at the Asper Campus, Suite C140 – 123 Doncaster Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Jewish Heritage Centre will also ship nationally and internationally.

The book is also available from McNally Robinson Booksellers,  1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, (204) 475-0483 and at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights Boutique, 85 Israel Asper Way.


Reviews for Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors

The memoirs collected by Belle Millo in Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors are integrally related to the ongoing and compelling need to voice the realities lived through by those who endured the years of extermination conceived and executed by the Third Reich. As an educator, writer, and activist, I find the diversity, intensity, and authenticity that distinguish this collection vital to my own work within the university and the wider community. Meticulously edited and carefully presented, the collection honours the specificity of the individual contributors as revealed through questionnaire, photograph, and story. The experiences and visions it preserves and embodies encourage and sustain us, providing a model for the work of remembering that deepens our capacity for lament and for peace and justice making .I look forward to its inclusion in our libraries and to the opportunity for knowing and response-ability it provides researchers, students, teachers, and community members, both nationally and internationally.

Deborah Schnitzer
Professor and National 3M Teaching Fellow
Department of English, Director
Institute for Literacy and Transformative Learning
The Global College, University of Winnipeg.

Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors accomplishes the near impossible.  It rescues from oblivion the stories of people who themselves were rescued from the oblivion of the Holocaust in which hundreds of thousands families like their own were exterminated.  The moving photos and documents that richly enhance this beautifully produced book take us into a world that is lost but still intimate, tangible yet sadly remote.  The stories of these Holocaust survivors are told in their own words, carefully transcribed from questionnaires and interviews. Their survival, recovery and rebuilding of their lives in Canada is a significant chapter in Canadian history, superbly chronicled in Voices of Winnipeg Holocaust Survivors.

Lionel B. Steiman
Professor and Senior Scholar
Department of History
University of Manitoba